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Enhance your PrestaShop with Product Properties Extension module

This PS&More extension for PrestaShop allows you easily create sophisticated shop with features that are not available in the standard PrestaShop installation. It is not just simply one more PrestaShop module. It is an integrated PrestaShop solution. Give your visitors a unique user experience to buy exactly what they want and how they want. Emphasize your products with unique properties by using different product templates and boost your sales.

Creating online grocery store, sell fruits and vegetables, food and drink and want to allow your customer to specify the exact weight for the product?
Selling manufactured items or fabrics and want to allow your customer to specify the length of fabric cuts in yards?

You are in the right place

PrestaShop is a great product, but it does not do it. With this PrestaShop extension you can have what you exactly would like to have. You can make your customers to feel that they are dealing with the professional online store with the features available only in the big supermarket networks.

Just several simple examples

  • You sell meat. You customer can specify that he or she would like to buy 1.5 kg of meat (specify weight with decimals).
  • You sell cheese. You customer can buy 250 gram, or 300 gram, or 720 gram, or any other weight.
  • You sell fabrics or textile. You customer can buy 12.5 meters, or 2 1/4 yards, or any other length (specify length with decimals).
  • You sell frames or boxes, tiles, ceramics or parquet flooring, or your business is in printing solutions - our Multidimensional Plugin is for you!

Do even more and review our Multidimensional and Smart Price Plugins

The PS&More  PrestaShop Product Properties Extension Multidimensional plugin adds additional functionality to the Product Properties Extension module. The plugin allows you to specify additional characteristics to products, such as height, width, length, etc. The plugin uses these additional characteristics (or dimensions) to calculate the resulting order quantity and price. Using the plugin you can sell products by square, perimeter, volume, etc. read more...

The PS&More  PrestaShop Product Properties Extension Smart Price plugin allows you to specify rules that affect the product price calculations. You can also add quantity and price dependent explanations for the customer, making the shopping experience more attractive. The Smart Price plugin comes with the rich set of built-in configuration options and rules. It also allows user defined expressions and customizations, giving endless possibilities for complex price calculations.

Read our online documentation and see live examples of different unique features of our products. Need help? Visit our FAQ page..

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Product Properties Extension comes complete with many features that can easily increase your sales.

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PrestaShop Compatibility

Product Properties Extension is compatible with PrestaShop versions 1.4, 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7

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