The PS&More PrestaShop Product Properties Extension allows you easily create sophisticated shop with features that are not available in the standard PrestaShop installation. It is not just simply one more PrestaShop module. It is an integrated PrestaShop solution. Give your visitors a unique user experience to buy exactly what they want and how they want. Emphasize your products with unique properties by using different product templates and boost your sales.


Product templates

Product template is the heart of the Product Properties Extension. The Product Properties Extension behavior is based on the templates attached to the products. Template is a collection of different properties grouped together for easy access and manipulation. Most of the features of the Product Properties Extension are archived by assigning the product template to the product in the PrestaShop back-office.

Units of measurements

Products can be defined using different units of measurements, like meters, feet, kilogram, ounces, pounds, packs, etc.

Measurement systems

Both metric and non-metric (imperial/US) measurement systems are supported. There is no limitation what to use. You can easily switch between the measurement systems or even use both at the same time. You can use meters, feet, kilogram, ounces, pounds, liters or any other units.

Whole or fractional quantities

Product’s quantity can be bound to different policies. The policy defines how the quantity is treated on the product’s page. When the user enters the quantity, the ordered quantity can specify the number of items (pieces, packs, etc.). It is the regular PrestaShop behavior. The ordered quantity can specify the number of whole units (but not items), for example, meters. When user enters the quantity of 45 meters for the rope, the shopping card will contain one product (rope) with the specified length of 45 meters and not 45 items of the rope as it would happen in the standard PrestaShop installation. The quantity can also specify the fractional units (quantity in decimal values), like kilogram or meter. This is the mandatory behavior for the grocery or fabrics shops.

Price text

Price text is displayed after the product's price and usually specifies the price unit of measurement. For example: 45 € per kg or 12 € per 6 pieces of sushi.

Quantity text

Quantity text is displayed after the product's quantity and designates the meaning of the buying quantity. For example: 800 gram.

Unit price and unit price text

PrestaShop explains unit price as follows:
Enables you to conform to local legislations that require products to be displayed with their unit price. For instance, if you are selling a pack of 6 cans of soda, then you should fill this field with the price per can, and indicate "can" in the second field. The description on the same line will update accordingly. The "per" field can apply to any unit of measurement, the most frequent ones being "liter", "fl oz", "pound", "kilogram", "gallon", etc.

Unfortunately, the PrestaShop does not allow the description text be translated into different languages. The PrestaShop also prefixes the description with the “per” word that can’t be changes. The Product Properties Extension fixes this behavior by making the description translatable.

Minimum quantity

Minimum purchase quantity can be set in whole or fractional units. The minimum quantity can be also set in the product template.

Default quantity

Default quantity specifies the initial quantity to buy a product and can be set in whole or fractional units.

Quantity step

Quantity specified by the customers can be configured to be limited to specified quantity increments. For example, if you sell the fabrics in increments of 0.2 m you can set the quantity step to be 0.2. The ordered quantity will be rounded to 0.2, 0.4, … 1.6, 1.8, etc.

Quantity threshold for minimum price

The threshold used to calculate minimum price. When user specifies quantity less than the specified threshold, the price is calculated using the given threshold as a quantity. The result is that the price will never be less than the base price multiplied by the given quantity threshold regardless of the ordered quantity.

Price calculation

Price is an additional visual element added in the Product Properties Extension. Price is displayed for the specified quantity and immediately re-calculated when quantity changes. This gives the user better shopping experience.

Inline Explanation

Inline explanation is displayed in the ordering block on the product’s page. It is usually a special message explaining the trading policy, but can be any text. Any number of different explanation messages can be defined. For example:
“Product is sold by weight. The exact price will be calculated after the product is weighted.”

Stock management

Stock management facility was adjusted to handle correctly products with the fractional units of measurements. For example, if you have in stock 30 kg of cheese and somebody ordered 700 gram you final stock quantity will be 29.3 kg.

Product Import

Product import from CSV files was adapted to use fractional units and templates.

The documentation and the demo show features of the latest version of the software product. Some features included in the documentation can be not available in the earlier versions of the software.

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