Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

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What kind of shop can I create using your module?

You can create different kinds of online shops using PrestaShop and PS&More modules. You can create shop selling food, fruits and vegetables, or shop selling fabrics, or shop selling tiles or furniture. You will be able to specify weight, length or width with decimals. You can use our Multidimensional Plugin and enjoy even more features.

What PrestaShop versions do you support?

We support many version starting from the PrestaShop version Please visit our online store to see the list of all available versions.

I would like to upgrade my PrestaShop. Do I need to upgrade the Products Properties Extension module?

Yes, you should upgrade the Products Properties Extension module as well.

Does your module make changes to the PrestaShop?

Yes, our module makes changes to the PrestaShop core.

In what languages is Products Properties Extension module available?

The Products Properties Extension module follows all PrestaShop translations rules and thus can be translated to any language. Both back office and front office can be translated. In addition all user templates, attributes and properties can be translated in the relevant sections in the module configuration.

Can I use comma instead of the dot as a decimal separator in fractional quantities?

Different countries use different sign as a decimal separator in quantities. Our module uses the same separator as the decimal separator used in the currency. If user currency uses comma, we also use comma as a decimal separator in quantities. Even more, if user changes the currency in the front office the quantities are displayed as expected related to the currency used.

Do you support products with combinations?

Yes, we support product combinations created in the PrestaShop back office. There are some products on the market that bypass the PrestaShop combinations and manipulate directly with the database. We do not support these products.

I sell fabrics in my PrestaShop store. What do I need?

You need to install the Products Properties Extension module and the Multidimensional plugin to benefit from all features designed for fabrics store created in PrestaShop.

I sell food by weight in my PrestaShop store. Can I configure the minimum weight?

Yes, the minimum purchase quantity - for example weight - can be set for each product individually or in more general way in template.

Do you show correct quantities in emails and invoices?

Yes, we show the product quantities and texts correctly both in emails and in the PDF invoices.

I would like to import products in PrestaShop using decimal quantities. Can I do this?

Yes, we adjusted the PrestaShop import facilities and added support for import quantities with decimals. During the import you can also assign the template ID to the product.

I sell tiles and ceramics. I would like to round the quantity ordered by the buyer to the number of square meters in the box. How can I do this?

You can use the "quantity step" feature. You specify the quantity increments. The ordered quantity will be rounded to the value of the quantity step specified.

I've bought PrestaShop theme. What do I need to know?

When you install your customized PrestaShop theme the Products Properties Extension module runs automated process and attempts to integrate the module with the new theme. Some customized themes can be modified in the way that makes the automated integration not possible. In this case you have to perform manual integration. Our friendly support team provides help and documentation.

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