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  • Support for product templates - the heart of the Product Properties Extension.
  • Collection of ready to use templates.
  • Unlimited number of customized product templates.
  • Support for products with different units of measurements like meters, feet, kilogram, ounces, pounds, yards, packs, etc.
  • Support for both metric and non-metric (imperial/US) measurement systems.
  • Support for products with whole or fractional quantities (decimal values for unit of measurements - for example: weight, length, volume).
  • Support for dot or comma for decimal values quantity display.
  • Additional price text can be displayed after the product's price.
  • Additional quantity text can be displayed after the product's quantity.
  • Improved behavior for "unit price" text and unit price calculation.
  • Minimum purchase quantity can be set in whole or fractional units. The minimum quantity can be also set in the product template.
  • Maximum quantity specifies the maximum quantity for a product in each line in an order or a shopping cart.
  • Total maximum quantity specifies the maximum quantity for the specific product for the whole order.
  • Additional default quantity specifies the initial quantity to buy a product.
  • Quantity specified by the customers can be configured to specified quantity steps or increments.
  • Threshold can be set for the minimum price.
  • Additional visual element - price for the specified quantity gives the user better shopping experience. The quantity price is immediately re-calculated when quantity changes.
  • Additional inline explanation is displayed in the ordering block on the product’s page.
  • Packs calculator.
  • Stock management facility was adjusted to handle correctly products with the fractional units of measurements.
  • Product import from CSV files was adapted to use fractional units and templates.
  • Full PrestaShop integration.
  • Native support for languages.
  • Ajax shopping cart integration.

The documentation and the demo show features of the latest version of the software product. Some features included in the documentation can be not available in the earlier versions of the software.

PrestaShop Compatibility

Product Properties Extension is compatible with PrestaShop versions 1.4, 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7

Module Integration

Product Properties Extension automatically integrates with the following featured PrestaShop modules (restrictions apply).

Featured products on the homepage (homefeatured)
Displays featured products in the middle of the homepage.
Top-seller block (blockbestsellers)
Block displaying store's top-selling products.
PayPal Europe (paypal)
A full payment platform which allows you to accept major payment methods.
Wishlist block (blockwishlist)
Block containing the customer's wishlists.
Mail alerts (mailalerts)
Sends e-mail notifications to customers and merchants.
Cross-selling (crossselling)
Adds a "Customers who bought this product also bought..." section to page.
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